Open questions

I present here ten questions which are interesting and general, almost foundational. Work towards resolving them would surely produce countless intriguing partial results in their respective fields, and resolving any one of them would be immensely helpful even outside these fields. And yet, I have not discovered any systematic effort to tackle any of them.Continue reading “Open questions”

Homestretch Effect

Many people suffer from procrastination, where you don’t start working or immediately go back to doing nothing. There is a related insanity of our brains: as the end draws near, you really want to just get it over with. Near the finish line, you do work of a lesser quality in the rush to moveContinue reading “Homestretch Effect”

On hot chocolate

Because cocoa as a drink is precombined with lots of sugar and marketed for kids, we lose this great drink as we grow up. But what most people don’t know is that if you instead use regular pure baking cocoa, it tastes much better than with the sugar. Milk by itself is slightly sweet andContinue reading “On hot chocolate”

On dream analysis

Somehow, we haven’t quite culturally considered dreams yet. The attempts to understand dreams so far have been either extremely limited or just patent nonsense. Scientists have long searched for the reasons we dream, but with even the question of sleep not yet satisfactorily answered, it’s biting off way too much to chew. Dreams most likelyContinue reading “On dream analysis”

On quotes

The concept of a “wise quote” has been half-baked, thrown around and messed up beyond all reason. Let’s fix that. First, the existing stuff like this, this or this, typewritten quotes over an “uplifting” image that don’t really mean anything, that has to stop. Please. Current quote culture, like many things this site is about,Continue reading “On quotes”

On ratings

As a culture, we’ve agreed on rating things on a number scale, but not on what the numbers are supposed to mean. Most websites just give you words like Good for 4/5, which mean different things to different people. The result is a system that doesn’t give you any information of value – are threeContinue reading “On ratings”

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